14 giu 2008

gardener's bike

i'm working on a long bike for a wise guerrilla gardener. my arms got suddenly longer while working on it. thanks to landgrab for the pictures, more when it's finished..


it used to be my "citybike" for a short period. I'm leaving it in the rain, in order to rust tha frame a bit more (it's a nice colour actually), it's a good frame from the 80ies, new (orange) rims, 2 brakes... yes.. ONE LESS FIXIE!
please note the mudguard under the saddle, an invention of great rocco guarna

8 giu 2008


my logo!

frog with hat

an illustration of mine


luigeena is a solid city bike, with big apples and a super brooks saddle. I love it, but it's rather a woman's bike, that's why i don't use it that often (frame: it's an Atala cruiser from the 60ies).

first chopper

this one's my first chopper, based on some hints by great AtomicZombie. Thank's to Rocco and Unabomber, great DIY masters.


Formerly this was a "Rita", an italian folding bike of mid 70ies turned into a lowrider experiment...new colors (also on rims)...the saddel is a banana one bought in A'dam in TheChopperdome.
West coast and crips are calling ...

new blogs, new ideas...

New blogs, new ideas... welcome to me!
this one's for bicycles, mainly about old bikes that turn into new ones, keeping an eye on sustainable, decrescent lifestyle. Have fun!