28 apr 2009

bicycles in animation part II

I found this other award winning anim by chance! it's very nice even if it's quite long an repetitive, but i guess it's part of the short ;) still by chance it happens that I'm in danmark at the moment so... well that fits! click on the image and have fun..

19 apr 2009

cycling beer

finally my homebrewing beer kit brought my little babies to life!
here's the label. it's a cycling monk....

the idea of homebrewing, makes me really feel good, and i would like to improve more & more :)
2 guys in my hometown started their adventure 12 years ago and believe me, their beer is awesome!!... let's make a toast to homebrewing!!
thanks to davide "ciccio" for lending me his kit!

11 apr 2009

bicycles in animation part I

In the last period I´m quite into animation...here for you one of the best animated shorts ever, it´s by Michael Dudok de Wit, belgian. Great stuff!