20 feb 2009

corrado's "grabbing land"

Tornado aka CORRADO is an oversize lovely pitbull dog!

17 feb 2009

cool Vs uncool

just to make things clear: I wanted to try a fixie, in order to understand why I make fun of fixed people and their lifestyle.
result: although these bikes could be very fun for the "compact" style you adopt, it's more difficult to ride, unnatural, and most of the times you're thinking "oh I'm just so supercool to ride one of these fixies...."
well, I enjoyed my little zombiefixie (a found silvestrini of end 70ies) the last days, but I leave all to you, you wannabe messengers: the fun, the coolness and all the rest, while i enjoy a superboring, uncool, citybike.

16 feb 2009

graziella 3D

It's another graziella folding bike, found without wheels some years ago, now she (and of course me) is honoured by great pinstriper EXPLO,

who gave her a new look!!
Nice evening, listening to Rush and other progressive stuff.
I'm gonna give the bike as a present to the studio I'm working with right now (that's why "3D").

Definetely check out his blog (it's only 4 years he's on the spot!!!)
I hope we'll to work again together soon! Thank you Sabbatanico!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(As soon as I finish the rims the complete bike will be visible!)